Wilson Lumber

Experience in the lumber products business sets Wilson apart.

For more than fifty years, Wilson Lumber has met the needs of Huntsville area homebuilders, homebuyers and remodelers with top quality products, excellent service and competitive prices. We've built our reputation on one simple foundation - putting customers first. That's the experience we believe you deserve.


Our Mission Statement:

To build a successful company that upholds Christlike principles and inspires people to grow.

People often make remarks about the boldness of our mission statement at Wilson Lumber.  With no apologies our hope is that our mission statement would drive everything we do. It does however, merit some explanation. 

At some point in our lives and in our business we must ask the question "Why are we here?" For any business there is an obvious answer, "To make money of course." Well, that is true and certainly is a reasonable goal, but we aim for more!

To build a successful company includes making a profit, growth, adding to our employment and so on. We budget, forecast and set monetary and operational goals to help us to build a successful business. We wouldn’t be here long if we didn't. Giving back to our community is also a part of success and we regularly do so.

That upholds Christlike principles" adds meaning and purpose. We strive to do all of the above while maintaining our integrity. We do what we say we're going to do, when we say we're going to do it. We conduct ourselves in love, that is, "do to others what you would have them do to you", Matthew 7:12 (NIV). No article, statement, or demonstration of any faith is required to work, to buy, or to sell at Wilson Lumber; you need only demonstrate the principle of this Golden Rule in dealing with customers, vendors, co-workers, subordinates, and supervisors.

And inspires people to grow What a challenge! The old saying goes "you're either growing or you're dying". Well, we’ll take growth. What kind of growth? Our philosophy is that personal growth is generally a good thing. So it may be that the kind of growth we inspire makes an employee a better salesman or driver or whatever, but it may be growth that makes someone a better husband or wife. It may be that we have an employee who always wanted to go to dental school and we help them in this somehow. Inspiring people to be their best is something we value and an opportunity we welcome.

We believe we can build a successful business by making a good profit and growing our company.

We believe we can uphold Christlike principles. In fact, we believe it is essential to build the company.

We believe we can inspire each other to grow, and that includes ourselves as well as our customers, vendors and anyone else that comes along our path.